HEROES is a contemporary dance show choreographed by myself under the theme of heroes. This piece captures images of different heroes in our lives ranging from well known superheroes, such as superman, to everyday heroes, such as our family and friends, and an homage to a hero of my own. I tried to break the stereotype of a "hero," and rather illustrate such figure as an ordinary being who may also experience hardships and breakdowns, therefore deliver the message that anyone of us can be a hero to anyone around us.

Performed by NLCS Jeju Dance Society

Filmed by Jihoon Ham

Lighting design by Shinoo Kang




Hip-hop and pop style dance team led by myself.

 Performances include covers of pop songs and we performed both inside and outside of our school.



Led by Dongryeol Lee and myself, YOUNG DANCERS is a three months project designed to make contemporary dance more approachable for younger students in school and provide both learning and performance opportunities for them. We focused on grade 6 & 7 students and went through the basic concepts of contemporary dance by teaching simple techniques, and worked towards for a performance in school. 

The final piece was collaboratively choreographed by Dongryeol, myself, and the young dancers, under the theme of seasons. Throughout our rehearsal sessions, we not only taught pre- choreographed phrases from us, but also gave the younger students an opportunity to explore and create movements of their own. The piece holds a special meaning in the way that their new experiences in dance can be reflected as how seasons develop into new phases, therefore the piece delivered a message of growth. 

2019, NLCS Jeju
2019, NLCS Jeju

2019, NLCS Jeju
2019, NLCS Jeju




Under the theme of youth and identity, I tell a story of myself through the piece. The piece is consisted of four different motifs coming from four abstractive ideas related to my identity: emotions, negativity, expectations, and the act of blaming, as well as one motif from Egon Schiele's 'Self-Portrait with Physalis,' I draw the world that I have been living in through the movement of my body.

Choreographed and performed by Shinoo Kang

Filmed and edited by Justin Jaehyun Cho




Starting with three action words, crawl, salute, march, the piece captures various images of a battlefield in WWI,  including scenes of a gas attack, shell-shocked soldiers, and marching. The piece is narrative, which shows the entire course of time from the preparation to death of soldiers, however includes an underlying plot that portrays how the soldiers' courage and bravery are exploited by the government and high commands of the army.

Choreographed by Shinoo Kang

Performed by Daeun Kim, Hojin Jang, Suhyun Kim,
Taerang Lee, Shinoo Kang